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Wynder Law, Inc. is a full service law firm dedicated to providing local businesses, non-profit organizations, and community members with high quality legal advice and representation at rates typically lower than that of larger firms.  Our vision is to provide unrivaled client service characterized by professionalism, commitment, preparation, and results. The breadth and quality of our practice allows us to devise and implement a comprehensive plan specifically tailored to meet all of your goals, while giving us the unique ability to service all of your legal needs.

Businesses.  From business formation to drafting, negotiating, and providing advice on business transactions, real estate transactions and employment matters, our firm provides a one stop shop for all of your business law needs.  Our flat rate Business Services packages and General Counsel packages provide an affordable way for your company to obtain the legal services it needs without having to hire full-time in-house counsel.  What sets our firm apart from many other general counsel firms is our significant litigation experience. Whether you need general counsel, transactional, or litigation services, we've got you covered. 

Non-Profit Organizations. As a community-based law firm, we are passionate about providing affordable legal services to non-profit organizations and the community leaders, team members, and volunteers at the heart of these organizations. We provide complete legal services to these organizations from formation and corporate governance to complex business transactions and litigation. Our General Counsel packages are available to non-profit organizations at specially discounted rates.          

Real Estate/Property. A local resource for residential and commercial property owners, investors, and real estate professionals throughout the San Gabriel Valley and Inland Empire, Wynder Law, Inc. specializes in the careful handling of transactional real estate matters and litigating real estate, real property, and land use disputes of all kinds. Whether you could benefit from our flat rate Real Estate Transaction Packages, need representation in more complex residential or commercial real estate transactions, or could utilize our expertise in litigating real estate transaction disputes, zoning and land use regulation matters, landlord/tenant disputes, code enforcement, or other types of real estate/property matters, we can assist in reaching your goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner.  

Wills, Trusts, & Probate. No matter the size or value of assets involved, a  well-thought out estate plan and the appropriate administration of property and assets upon death will prove invaluable for your family members and loved ones. Our firm assists community members with all aspects of wills, trusts, and probate including but not limited to: preparing wills, trusts, business succession plans, powers of attorney, and medical directives; assisting  trustees, executors, and administrators with the administration of an estate; and litigating claims and disputes should the unfortunate need arise. Our flat rate Estate Planning Packages provide both value and peace of mind. We also offer wealth management and asset protection consultation and services. Contact us today for a no cost initial consultation.