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Business | LAW

What sets our firm apart from many other business law firms is our ability to service all of your legal needs out of one office. Whether you need general counsel, transactional, or litigation services, we have the experience and ability to advise and represent you in almost any capacity. Our low rates, along with our flat rate Business Services packages and General Counsel packages, provide an affordable way for your company to obtain the legal services it needs without having to hire full-time in-house counsel.

Business Formation. The first step in starting your business is choosing the right business entity. New companies must also take steps to comply with the law even before opening their doors.  Working with our legal team at inception can serve to protect your business activities while minimizing individual liability. Our flat rate Business Services packages can also provide you both peace of mind and further value. 

Contracts/Transactions. Internal agreements, such as a carefully crafted operating agreement, can effectively govern how a new company is managed. Throughout the life of your company, you will also encounter a variety of contractual agreements. Well-written agreements can ensure the parties' intentions are clear and minimize risk. Our team can assist with advising and preparing both standard and complex transaction documents while providing valuable legal insight on every deal. In every industry, there are opportunities for our legal team to save you money, minimize risk, avoid litigation, and provide you with a greater competitive advantage.

General Counsel Services.  When you need advice and representation for any internal and external business dealings, our General Counsel services are designed with your business in mind.  We pride ourselves in providing hands-on legal support to help you grow, protect your business, and minimize risk. Our General Counsel packages provide an affordable way for your company to obtain the legal services you need at reduced rates. 

Business Litigation. What makes our firm unique is our ability to provide general counsel and transactional services, while also representing you in business litigation disputes, including but not limited to transaction and contract disputes, personnel and employment issues, formation and dissolution issues, and operating problems. With an experienced trial attorney who advises your company on a regular basis, you have the benefit of trial counsel who you trust and who has intimate knowledge of your business, saving you time and money and giving you a competitive advantage in the courtroom.  

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